I’ve always been interested in gardening, a trait that I acquired from my father…it is a seasonal hobby, however, and the winter months became very trying in the cold Chicago climate. So, I sought other ways of working with beautiful flowers and colorful images, a quality that mosaic art exemplifies to the extreme. I began creating simple stepping stones and other garden decorations on my own…Only in googling mosaic art did I stumble upon the Chicago Mosaic School and took advantage of their expertise to fine tune my abilities and ensure that my pieces were done properly. I learned a great deal about different techniques and methods of mosaic artwork and took that knowledge and experience to start my own business, Mosaic Whimsies! Combining my love of flowers and gardens with the vast selection of beautiful old china chards filled with flowers and bright colors, my mosaic art is the perfect compliment to any garden or home, for that matter, with the idea that beautiful flowers and colors make any space even prettier!